10 Tips for Crafting a Comprehensive Will in Australia

What should you consider when making a Will?

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10 Tips for Crafting a Comprehensive Will in Australia


Legal Guidance is Key: Consult with a qualified Australian solicitor to navigate the legal intricacies of will preparation. Professional advice ensures compliance with local laws, minimising the risk of disputes.

Inventory Your Assets: Compile a detailed list of assets, including properties, investments, and bank accounts. Clearly outline any debts to provide a transparent overview for efficient distribution.

Choose a Trustworthy Executor: Select an executor who is not only trustworthy but also capable of fulfilling the responsibilities. Communicate your wishes clearly and ensure their willingness to take on the role.

Guardianship Clarity: Nominate a guardian for dependent children. Discuss your decision with the chosen guardian to confirm their willingness and ability to take on this crucial responsibility.

Regular Review is Essential: Life evolves, and so should your will. Regularly review and update it to reflect changes in family structure, finances, or any other pertinent circumstances.

Consider Digital Assets: Include provisions for digital assets, such as online accounts and cryptocurrencies, to prevent complications in their management.

Specific Bequests and Legacies: Clearly articulate specific gifts or legacies to avoid ambiguity and potential disputes among beneficiaries.

Plan for Contingencies: Anticipate unforeseen events by naming alternate beneficiaries and executors, ensuring a smooth transition if the primary choices are unavailable.

Document End-of-Life Wishes: If you have specific preferences regarding medical treatment or funeral arrangements, document them in a separate document or include them in your will.

Witnesses and Signatures: Ensure your will is valid by having it witnessed and signed according to Australian legal requirements. Failure to comply may render the document invalid.

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