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Warlows Legal is an innovative law firm established in March 2021 with a growing team of expert lawyers based in Melbourne, Victoria, and Israel.


Warlows Legal

We specialise in commercial litigation, construction law (both commercial and litigation), board governance and charity law, corporate and commercial law, employment, property and intellectual property for all businesses, with a special focus on start-ups.

Warlows Legal embraces technology and artificial intelligence in developing our legal work, and we encourage diversity of thinking and innovation in our practitioners. We believe that talented lawyers create brilliant results for clients.

Warlows Legal is committed to legal excellence, balanced with access to justice for all. Whilst achieving fantastic commercial results for clients. Warlows Legal is a proud member of the 1% pledge.

Welcome to Warlows Legal

The Red Door is a symbol of who we are and what we want to achieve. It symbolises:

Action – We are here to assist proactively to get you the result you want.

Protection – We are here to help you transition into a successful outcome.

Feeling Safe – We want to help you thrive in a high culture that is deeply centred on learning and growth, implementation of ideas, business opportunities and accountability for our outcomes.

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Firm Culture

At Warlows Legal, fostering a positive and empowering firm culture is paramount to our ethos. We believe in encouraging each employee to strive for excellence, pushing boundaries, and exploring beyond their comfort zones.

Our team is dedicated to going above and beyond to assist our clients, ensuring their needs are met with utmost care and expertise. Together, we cultivate an environment where every individual is valued, supported, and inspired to reach their full potential.

Our Legal Team

Behind our brilliant results are a team of talented and agile lawyers. Committed to legal excellence, our practitioners deliver balanced solutions to commercial issues. We bring together a wide range of legal expertise and experience to create the right result, in the right manner.

Areas of Law

The Warlows Legal team efficiently provides advice and strategic solutions for a wide range of legal issues. By combining technology with talented lawyers, you benefit from legal excellence.


Our commitment to legal excellence, innovation and social justice means you benefit from legal advice of the highest quality. These key values form the basis of our firm’s perspective on every case we undertake. As a firm, it is our responsibility to provide ethical, efficient and results-driven services.

Client Testimonials

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Our expertise in our respective fields is widely acknowledged. Drawing upon our practical experience, we consistently produce the positive and reliable results our clients expect. We would love to stay connected with you and keep you up to date with all relevant legal issues and expertise.

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