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Australia and Israel share a strong relationship, focused on economic cooperation and innovation. Warlows Legal offers assistance in both directions.

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Need help making Aliyah? Want to understand how to bring a business to Israel or launch an Israeli business in Australia?

With offices and partners based in Israel and Australia, Warlows combines deep legal knowledge with cultural awareness and can advise you in English or Hebrew.

We also have specialist knowledge in assisting companies to negotiate moving to Australia from Israel including GST advice, employment advice, setting up company entities, commercial lease reviews and general corporate guidance. We are particularly experienced in providing legal and commercial advice to startup companies.

We are across the latest developments in both Australian and Israeli law and business.

Australia and Israel have historically had a very close relationship, both militarily and politically. Back in the First World War, Australian forces played a critical role in removing the land of Israel from the control of the Ottoman Empire. You can read more about this fascinating and key battle here:

Australia has always been one of Israel’s closest and most loyal supporters. In 1947 Australia was the first country to vote in favour of the establishment of the modern state of Israel in the historic vote in the United Nations.

More recently, the relationship between the two countries has focused on economic cooperation. There are many similarities between the cultures and the economies of these two nations. Both countries have a relatively small population and need to be focus outwards. Both countries have a high percentage of arid land and a particular interest in water conservation and agtech. Both countries are looking to innovation and technology as the key driver of future economic growth.

This cooperation should only continue to grow now that Australia and Israel finally have a tax treaty for the elimination of double taxation (after 30 years of negotiating!). You can read more about the tax treaty and the benefits that it offers here: or contact us for more information.

In recent years, Israeli companies have been listing on the ASX in unprecedented number and the ASX has been actively encouraging this activity. Australia is seen as a very stable, Western economy and a perfect gateway into Asia. A number of other Israeli companies, that are not ready to list, have set up an Australian presence and are actively doing business.

On the other side of the coin, the Australian government has established the Tel Aviv Landing Pad. This initiative provides Australian start-ups with a unique opportunity to spend time in Israel – learning, collaborating and accessing the thriving innovation ecosystem that Israel has to offer. Those companies that are interested in this opportunity can get more information here:

Warlows Legal is uniquely placed to assist Australian and Israelis in both directions. We have an office in Israel that can provide face-to-face advice to our Israeli clients in the same time zone. We have staff that are fluent in Hebrew and English. We help:

  • Israeli clients that are looking to do business in Australia;
  • Australian clients that are looking to do business in Israel;
  • Individuals and families that are looking to make Aliya and need a bit of support and hand-holding; and
  • Clients with complex wills and estate matters that contain assets in both jurisdictions.

Please reach out to our Australian or Israeli offices to see how we can help you.

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