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Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in commercial litigation at both a local and state level. We have had substantial involvement with various administrative boards and tribunals.

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Personalized commercial legal aid and advice for corporate transactions, governance, and compliance.
The Importance Of Construction Contracts

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Our commercial angle drives us to find the most efficient and cost-effective approach to each case. This involves working closely with clients to best assess and manage all risks, avoid lengthy proceedings and minimise personal disruptions. Benefit from legal aid and advice for:

commercial agreements

With a deep understanding of business dynamics and legal intricacies, our skilled solicitors provide strategic guidance and representation in contract disputes, negotiations, and resolution. Whether it involves breach of contract, commercial lease disputes, or partnership disagreements, we leverage our expertise to protect your interests and pursue favorable outcomes. We navigate the complexities of commercial agreements with precision and tenacity.

competition and consumer law, corporate structures

Our seasoned solicitors are well-versed in navigating complex legal landscapes to protect your interests. Whether it involves antitrust matters, unfair competition claims, consumer protection disputes, or corporate governance issues, we provide strategic counsel and vigorous representation. We analyse your unique circumstances to devise effective solutions and employ alternative dispute resolution techniques when appropriate.

corporate governance

We provide effective legal solutions to address complex issues related to corporate governance, ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks. From boardroom disputes to shareholder conflicts, our skilled solicitors guide clients through all stages of the litigation process. With extensive knowledge of corporate law, we offer strategic counsel, negotiation, and advocacy to resolve disputes efficiently. Our aim is to protect your business interests and uphold strong corporate governance principles.


Our experienced team of solicitors understands the complexities involved in corporate reorganisations, debt restructuring, and insolvency proceedings. With a client-focused approach, we navigate intricate legal frameworks to protect your interests, optimise financial outcomes, and ensure smooth transitions. We deliver comprehensive restructuring strategies tailored to your unique circumstances, guiding you through challenging times with confidence and expertise.


We provide strategic guidance and representation to clients in insurance disputes, ensuring their interests are protected. From coverage disputes and policy interpretation to bad faith claims and subrogation, our experienced solicitors possess the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of the insurance industry. We diligently pursue efficient and favourable resolutions through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, always focused on achieving the best possible outcome for our clients’ insurance-related legal challenges.

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due diligence

With meticulous attention to detail, we conduct thorough investigations and assessments to uncover crucial information and minimise legal risks. Our experienced team analyses contracts, financial records, and relevant documentation to ensure a solid foundation for your business decisions. We navigate complex transactions, mergers, and acquisitions with precision and efficiency, offering valuable insights that protect your interests and promote successful outcomes.

compliance and risk management

Our seasoned solicitors work closely with businesses of all sises to proactively assess potential risks, develop effective compliance strategies, and minimise legal exposure. With our extensive knowledge of regulatory frameworks and industry best practices, we help clients navigate complex legal landscapes, mitigate disputes, and achieve favourable outcomes.

mergers, acquisitions and disposals

With our extensive experience and deep understanding of corporate law, we provide strategic guidance and representation through the entire process. From due diligence and contract negotiations to dispute resolution and litigation, we strive to protect our clients’ interests and achieve favourable outcomes. We navigate the intricacies of mergers, acquisitions, and disposals, ensuring your business objectives are met effectively and efficiently.

employment law

We understand the complexities and challenges that arise in the employer-employee relationship. Whether you require guidance on employment contracts, discrimination claims, wrongful termination, or wage disputes, our skilled solicitors are equipped to provide effective legal solutions. We prioritise your best interests, striving to achieve favourable outcomes through negotiation, mediation, or litigation if necessary.

construction law

With a deep understanding of the construction industry, we provide strategic guidance and representation for a wide range of legal matters. From contract disputes to construction defects and delay claims, our experienced solicitors navigate complex construction laws to protect your interests. We strive to achieve favourable outcomes through negotiation, mediation, or litigation when necessary. Trust us to be your trusted advocates, resolving construction-related disputes efficiently and effectively.

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