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Project Hiu works with Indonesian village populations to give them all a sustainable income without having to revert to shark fishing.

The preservation of marine ecosystems is vital for the health of our planet, and central to this mission is the protection of its most iconic and misunderstood inhabitants: sharks. Project Hiu, aims to conserve shark populations and rejuvenate marine ecosystems.

The name “Hiu” is derived from the Indonesian word for ‘shark’. This initiative underscores the importance of focusing on regions where shark fishing is most prevalent. Rather than solely concentrating on the act of saving sharks, Project Hiu adopts a holistic approach. It understands that local fishermen in places like Indonesia often rely on shark fishing as their primary source of income. To address this, the organization collaborates directly with these fishermen, offering them alternative livelihoods and thereby reducing the dependence on shark fishing.


The brilliance of Project Hiu lies in its community-centric model. By providing local communities with opportunities in tourism, such as guiding tours and maintaining boats, the project not only aids in the conservation of sharks but also enriches the lives of the locals, ensuring a sustainable future for both sharks and humans alike.


Furthermore, the initiative focuses on education, helping both locals and tourists understand the pivotal role sharks play in maintaining the health and balance of the marine ecosystem. This education fosters respect and appreciation for these magnificent creatures, dispelling long-held misconceptions and fears.

In essence, Project Hiu stands as a testament to the power of collaborative conservation. By marrying community development with environmental preservation, the initiative charts a new course in conservation efforts, proving that with empathy, understanding, and collaboration, we can forge a brighter future for all inhabitants of our blue planet.

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