Our policies

Sustainability policy

Warlows Legal is a law firm with offices in Australia and Israel. Warlows Legal recognises the role it can play in encouraging sustainability through the application of environmental sustainability policies.

At Warlows Legal we are very aware of the fragility of our environment and the impact of human actions. We are actively working towards leading our industry in reducing the impact of our activities and encouraging others to do the same. We are aiming to become a Climate Active Carbon Neutral certified organisation within the next six months.

Warlows Legal will continue to act on the climate emergency and reduce our environmental impact by:

  • Complying with all environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements that are applicable to our activities;
  • Acquiring and maintaining a Climate Active certification;
  • Monitoring and assessing our greenhouse gas emissions annually, and seeking to minimise them;
  • Eliminating avoidable business travel;
  • Offsetting all flights with Climate Active certified offsets;
  • Using carbon neutral certified paper;
  • Minimising our consumption of energy and water;
  • Using resources efficiently and acting to prevent pollution.

We endeavour to monitor performance against targets and ensure our conduct aligns with our humanitarian values and purposes.

This policy applies to our offices in Australia and Israel.

Covid 19 workplace policy

Warlows Legal is committed to adapting our services and operations to ensure the health and safety of our community in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

We continue to monitor the situation, including the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO), US Centre for Disease Control, and the Australian government’s Health Department, including states and territories. We refer you to the various Government websites which contain up-to-the-minute information on Government policy on COVID-19.

To promote the health and safety of those staff who are required to attend the workplace, we will:

  • Provide and maintain a safe working environment for our clients and employees;
  • Provide adequate facilities for our clients and employees to practice good hygiene. This includes hand sanitiser, soap, disinfectant spray, tissues, and where relevant, face masks;
  • Integrate work health and safety issues into all of our decision making;
  • Observe social distancing at all time;
  • Practice cough etiquette (keep away from other people, cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing); and
  • Not place others at risk or jeopardise the safety of our work environment by any act or omission. For example, coming to work while unwell;
  • Co-operate with statutory work health and safety obligations;

However, this policy is in all respects subject to any overriding Government directive or law. For example, if the Government mandates that you must remain at home, or that our workplace must close, then such directive overrides this policy.

Warlows Legal anticipates that remote working will continue to have an important part of our delivery of services for some time. Our firm is well equipped for that.

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