Outbrain Inc. celebrates IPO

Outbrain celebrates milestone in recommendation technology for digital advertising, connecting over 1 billion consumers and advertisers worldwide.

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We are honoured today to announce a Milestone in the history of one of our long-standing client’s Outbrain (an innovative and growth company).

Outbrain has pioneered recommendation technology in a new space in digital technology advertising. Outbrain’s technology is future proofing the open web for media owners and advertisers and helping over 1 billion consumers discover new things on their recommendation feeds on their favourite media and connecting advertisers to these audiences to grow their business.

Friday 23 July 2021 was a testament to everyone at Outbrain. Their people and their passion reflect the virtue of entrepreneurs and the technology industry. Congratulations Outbrain !! We hope to continue the journey “To Lead and Innovate” well into the future as you go from strength to strength.

Follow the link to watch, in honour of the occasion, Yaron Galai, Co-Founder and Co-CEO and David KostmanCo-CEO ring the Opening Bell:


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