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Warlows Legal’s Indigenous Clientele

Warlows Legal has always felt passionate about serving the Indigenous Australian community with their legal needs. We have achieved this through successfully serving our many Indigenous clients, assisting them in the legal complexities of starting a company, as well as the legal issues that appear from time to time in running the business. Warlows Legal has also recently started their Indigenous Business Clinic, that exists to give free legal advice to those Indigenous Australians starting a business for the first time.

Shawn Andrews, the Director of Supply Aus and Adam Williams, The CEO of supply Aus are both Indigenous Australians who have created a business specialised in providing industry leading products, including PPE, uniforms, and office supplies. They actively seek to promote Indigenous businesses when procuring their products.

Protect You is an Australian business whose focus is providing medical equipment that is of high quality, including hand sanitisers, facemasks, and hospital grade disinfectant, among many other products. Their focus has always been to protect Australians and their customers by keeping the community safe and healthy.

They met through a mutual business contract when Supply Aus was asked to supply millions of hand sanitisers and face masks. As they both worked in similar fields, both businesses decided to act as a joint venture. With their complimentary skill sets, they successfully chartered planes from overseas and brought these much-needed items to Australia.

Pro Bono Legal Clinic

Warlows Legal will be providing three hours of legal advice every Wednesday to those that are part of an Indigenous business start-up hub. The Indigenous business clinic hours will be from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. The Clinic will support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners with advice that will assist them in business health and compliance, ensuring they are sustainable into the future.

This project aims to build strong partnerships between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business community and legal advisors and introduce early intervention to prevent roadblocks that can lead to severe consequences down the line (cessation of services, bankruptcy).

If you feel that this service could be of assistance to you or someone you know, please contact us on 1800 935 975.


Warlows Legal actively work towards leading our sector in environmental sustainability. We have committed to taking action to decrease the material impacts of our operations and to identify opportunities to drive positive environmental change, as outlined in our sustainability policy.

  • We take action to reduce our carbon emissions, and invest in climate action projects that reduce or remove emissions from the atmosphere.
  • We run external environmental education programs for our Warlows Legal team.
  • We endeavour to monitor our performance against targets and ensure our conduct aligns with our humanitarian values and purpose.

We look forward to receiving Climate Active carbon neutral certification this calendar year for our offices.

Mental Health

Mental health and wellbeing in the legal profession is an issue of critical importance. Overall, research has consistently found that rates of psychological distress are relatively high across the legal profession, with rates of depression appearing to be particularly high among law students, solicitors, and barristers

Warlows Legal has a long-term commitment to the wellbeing of its people and is focused on enabling them to bring their best selves to work, both personally and professionally. Poor wellbeing is a barrier to lawyers being able to do their jobs and provide access to quality legal services. Indeed, we believe that mental health and wellbeing of our staff is key to organisational success and sustainability.

The Warlows Legal brand stands for a positive and collaborative workplace atmosphere. We are supportive of stress that the legal profession can bring, providing our staff with the option of annual spiritual leave.

Warlows Legal promote and maintain the mental health of all staff through workplace practises and encourage staff to take responsibility for their own mental health and wellbeing.

Our goals:

  • To build and maintain a workplace environment and culture that supports mental health and wellbeing and prevents discrimination (including bullying and harassment).
  • To increase employee knowledge and awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues and behaviours.
  • To reduce stigma around depression and anxiety in the workplace.
  • To facilitate employee’s active participation in a range of initiatives that support mental health and wellbeing.

If you or someone you know needs help, call:


Warlows Legal sees it as their responsibility to help others in the local and global community. Our staff volunteer their time for important causes, including mentoring young people, assisting people with disability, and generally helping alleviate inequality and disadvantage. We regularly organise fundraising days and events in our offices to support charitable causes. We are also part of Pledge 1%, a global movement that helps businesses have a philanthropic impact and be a force of good.

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    Fixed Pricing Agreement

    The initial consultation is FREE, discussing the scope of services and outcome. You will be provided with the total agreed cost in our pricing proposal, no estimates, hourly rates or ranges – just a FIXED PRICE AGREEMENT.

    Because we believe in certainty.

    If you have a question or a query you can email us using the contact form or call us on +61 3 9212 0238


    Cameron Deane

    “The assistance provided by Harriet with reviewing and negotiating the terms of our building contract, which encompassed both a significant financial commitment and extensive amount of renovation work, was essential to providing us with peace of mind that our interests were covered legally at all times. Harriet's professionalism, attention to details and expertise in this field were beyond reproach and I highly recommend her services to anyone considering any building related work.”

    Cameron Deane

    Construction Client

    “Harriet, can I just thank you for being so incredibly kind to us. Sean was right – you are amazing.  I wanted to try and express that in person during our meeting but it’s been such a difficult week I knew I would blub all over you if I started.  Never a good look – especially when you’re on the other end trying to juggle London and Kyrgyzstan! We really appreciate everything you have done (and are doing for us).  Without you, all we would have is a slowly imploding bathroom with a loadbearing wall that could collapse without warning. Gives me anxiety every time I think about it!”

    Construction Client

    Chanoch Serebryanski

    “Very professional and easy to deal with. A real pleasure to use at a great value.”

    Chanoch Serebryanski

    David Cherny

    “Highly recommend Warlows Legal. Harriet and her team were professional and supportive throughout, couldn't have asked for a better service.”

    David Cherny

    Chaim Korik

    “Harriet and team took the time to listen to our needs and ensure we had all the contracts in a timely manner. Felt like working as a team!”

    Chaim Korik

    Sarah Chanah Sufrin

    “Harriet really cares for her clients and works tirelessly to achieve the best result for them every time.”

    Sarah Chanah Sufrin

    Chaya Wolf

    “Excellent experience with Warlows Legal. Harriet is personable, professional and of a very high standard. Would recommend to everyone seeking legal advice.”

    Chaya Wolf

    Avi Kluwgant

    “My experience with this company has been an absolute breath of fresh air. I cannot recommend the legal services offered here enough. Thank you!”

    Avi Kluwgant

    MySmallHelp Australia

    "I'm Matt from MySmallHelp Australia. I was looking for a friendly, trustworthy legal firm to set up the charity.  After talking with Harriet for a short time I found her to be knowledgeable and able to communicate fairly complex legal terms simple manner. Harriet and her team delivered exactly what they said they would in a very timely fashion. Warlows Legal team achieved these deliverable above my expectations. I can t recommend them enough. Thanks you so much for your help and guidance."

    Matt Rai